This is a page with programs and quick hacks I have done for the operating system Syllable


AEdit 2.3

AEdit is a texteditor for Syllable. I recommend that you check out AEdit from the Syllable CVS instead since this version might not be the very latest one.

Download: Source - Bin

Screenshot: Screenshot

(OLD) Download: Source - Binary



This is a quick hack to test see how one can use a button bar to navigate instead of a textual address bar.

Download: Source - Screenshot



Eyes is a port of the famous Eye application from X-Windows

Download: Source (incl. binary) (Thanks, Rick!)



Looper is an example how you can use threads inside your Syllable application.

Download: Source



TableView replaces the TableView found in libsyllable with one based on the same algorithm as used in GTK.

Download: Source (incl. binary)



An extended filebrowser for Syllable, version 0.1, compiled for Syllable 0.6.3

Download: Source (incl. binary) - Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3



A digital circuit simulator for Syllable.

Download: Source (incl. binary), Screenshot



A package of translators (BMP, PCX, TIF, XBM, XPM, TGA) for Syllable. Run "make install" in each subdirectory to install the translator.

Download: Source (incl. binary)



oCADis is a CAD application for Syllable. Its still under heavy development.

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



A sort of extended dock for Syllable that can displays the name of the windows on the bottom of the screen.

Screenshots: 1

Download: Source (incl. binary)


(c)2007 Jonas Jarvoll ( jonas-jarvoll at REMOVEsyllableREMOVE-norden dot info)